Praying with a keyboard

4 01 2008

Well this is my first post for the year and perhaps the last post with this design. I have a new look on the way that should be released in the next couple of days.. Exciting!! From time to time I come across something that catches my eye, something worth sharing. Read the rest of this entry »


Happy Christmas!!

22 12 2007

I work for the Bible Society in New Zealand and we have a large white office that is well positioned across from a shopping area. So recently the decision was taken to put up a banner on our office to share the reason for Christmas. It reads: Christ the saviour is born – for you (see below) Read the rest of this entry »

What makes a good sermon?

18 12 2007

Preaching is the big fat elephant in the room. Most preaching is appalling, disconnected and boring and yet no one talks about it. We all pretend that everything is ok.. we wouldn’t want to offend the preacher. They are doing there best and all that… But I think we need to talk about it. What actually makes a good sermon? What is it we want to hear? I have been asking people what they look for and they state the following 4 points: Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas – HUH?

14 12 2007

Recent research out of Britain shows an alarming number of people don’t know the Christmas story. Is this a problem? Why should we expect society to know the Christmas story? Read the rest of this entry »

‘Christmas: celebrating the savings or the savior?‘

10 12 2007

The sermon preached in the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life. Not the usual Christmas sermon!! Read the rest of this entry »

Plastic Jesus

7 12 2007

steve-o.jpgI welcome to my blog the hugely talented Stephen Opie.. master marketer and leader of the Oxygen congregation based in Wellington.


Stephen writes:

Can you see him? Can you feel him? Is he with you?

Three questions greeting you as you check out Fisherman Inc’s website. They’re interesting questions in themselves, but even more intriguing when you see what Fishermen Inc sell. Read the rest of this entry »

Media interest; interesting media

4 12 2007

The Anglican Group in Second Life continues to get a lot of media coverage. And as I discovered today, not all of it is well informed. Read the rest of this entry »