Ministry engagement with Web 2.0

23 01 2007

This post has had some attention and can be found here.






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7 02 2007
Keith Civval

A useful and challenging overview. Thank you for starting us thinking.

10 02 2007
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12 02 2007
Mark Illingworth

Well, thats certainly a challenge!! To me as an older person (nearly 40!!) to create the space for others to do this in my church community and for the younger people to actually see this as a valid ministry opportunity. I’ll pass on the link. Thanks Mark.

13 02 2007

G’day Mark, being challenging is the aim – so good to see it is working! Be great to hear how your church community responds.


19 02 2007

Very helpful – wow lots to read and catch up on here, least the church misses the web 2.0 boat!!

‘Lord, help us in the media storm to see you are here with us – and you know what’s going on around us, and you speak into it with authority!’

21 02 2007
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6 03 2007
Nic C

Another modern phenomonen which I fear will totally pass me by. Like mobile phone ring tones and energy drinks.

My key problem with all this Web 2.0 engagement is, where do people find the time to participate? I don’t think I have an unusually busy life, but between one wife, one child, one job and some occasional garden maintenance, my life is already full! Where would I find the time to have a Second Life?

(case in point, it’s taken me three weeks to find the time to write a paragraph in response here…)

6 03 2007
Mark Brown

G’day Nic,

Thanks for your comment!

As a brother in Christ can I put this gently – your getting old mate!

The young set by in large don’t use email, function with text messaging and instant messaging and value social networking over a good book.

For us in the 35+ bracket, we need to make a conscious decision to participate, rather than it being our natural inclination.

Not to dissimilar to an engineer needed to stay on top of the latest technology within their field, those in ministry need to be aware of how and where society is moving.

By the way, what are energy drinks?

I look forward to your next comment in three weeks time mate.


6 03 2007
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8 03 2007
Jeff Weiesnbach

Energy Drinks…
I may have to look into that.


Thanks again for continuing to pique interest in E-Ministry.

8 03 2007
Mark Brown

Your welcome Jeff,

We should catch up in SL soon. Although I have been finding that it crashes with some regularity at the moment making it a little frustrating and difficult.

Which reminds me, I have just received the book Second Life: The Offical Guide (ordered Jan 28th!) which I look forward to reading.

God bless mate,


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