Listening to God

27 02 2007


sunset.JPG On six occasions over my life God has spoken to me.


The first time was at the age of 15 and the last time was only a year ago.

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Re-imagining church

22 02 2007


Philip Rosedale, the creator of Second Life (shown on the right) stated in a recent interview that Second Life (SL) wasn’t a game or a toy but the possible future of the internet. He created SL with two aims:

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I stopped kidding myself

18 02 2007


I spent years believing that the Bible was an important book as a Christian and yet doing nothing about it. I ignored it totally.

And then one day I decided to stop pretending and start reading it as often as I could. As I opened myself up to the words something quite incredible happened.

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Don’t tell me, ask me: Leadership in 2007

16 02 2007

In the movie, Master and Commander Captain “Lucky” Jack Aubrey, played by the master-and-commander.jpgaussie/kiwi Russell Crowe leads a group of sailors through incredible hardship after their boat, the H.M.S. Surprise, is suddenly attacked by a superior enemy. Captain Jack is a tough, no nonsense leader who demands loyalty and gives assurance and direction in return.

The rugged Captain Jack represents a style of leadership that dominated the organisational landscape for centuries: one strong leader who called the shots.

This hierarchical leadership style is totally irrelevant to today’s fast paced world.

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A great vid giving some insight on Web 2.0

15 02 2007

Check out this amazing clip from mwesch on Web 2.0  It starts a little slow but hang in!! see below:

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A hole in one!

13 02 2007

I can’t resist it!  I went out today for my first round of nine in four years and on the 6th golf.JPGhole I pulled out my 9 iron, struck it well and watched with some disbelief as it landed just short of the green and rolled into the hole!  And as nobody was around to witness it you will have to trust me on this one! (smile).    Then I proceeded to the next hole full of confidence and watched as my drive flew way off to the right about a foot above the ground plowing into the dense scrub. 


Such is golf.




Beautiful Jack turns 12 days old

12 02 2007

 What a pleasure it is to have a new born in the house!  I am madly in love with the little fella.  Praise God!

Check out the vid below..    


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