Making the front page

30 03 2007

I picked up a newspaper the other day and was confronted with a photo of myself on the front page. This is one sure way of quickening my heartbeat! So why did I make the front page? Read the rest of this entry »


The poet who loves plumbing

28 03 2007

On occasion brownblog will welcome guest bloggers. These are people who I think have something fantastic to say. The first guest blogger is Peter Barney who is Director of Scripture Union in Western Australia. Peter gives his take on leadership…

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A fantastic beginners guide to Second Life

25 03 2007

fourcorners.jpgThe Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Four Corners has just produced a great programme on Second Life. But before you check it out a couple of comments… Read the rest of this entry »

Wired nails it: Christians are hiding

22 03 2007

godtube.gifA recent online article by the hugely popular and influential technology periodical Wired News strongly criticizes a new Christian website called GodTube. And I agree with their critique, but for a very different reason… Read the rest of this entry »

What I learnt from Sophia Loren

18 03 2007

sophia.jpgSophia Loren once famously stated that beauty is 50% fact and 50% what you think beauty is. In a similar way, leadership is Read the rest of this entry »

What a week I am having!!!

15 03 2007

My first week at the Bible Society has simply been stunning. Wonderful staff, great mission and one big pole (see: Be careful of thwumping ).

And then to top it off I have a big announcement… Read the rest of this entry »

Be careful of ‘thwumping’

13 03 2007

Douglas Adams wrote in The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy series that flying was the art of missing the ground; in a similar vein, my early attempts at driving primarily involved missing trees, curbs, wheelie bins and shopping centres. That’s when I could get the car started. My first of many attempts at passing my driving exam involved stalling the car four times before even leaving the examination centre car park. Hardly the start one would hope for. I was surprised my examiner didn’t quietly advise, ‘now just take your hands off the wheel Mr. Brown, and can I humbly suggest this is the last time you grip the wheel for quite awhile. The public aren’t ready for your driving just yet.’

And then it all changed. Read the rest of this entry »