Here comes 3D web

6 03 2007

choc.JPGA prediction: Within five years most of the internet will be in 3D. The days of a flat single dimensional interface are numbered.

And what feeds this prediction: a dream, too much time in the sun, consuming too much chocolate?

My source is technological news sites which I get fed through a news aggregator (what is?). I recommend Newsgator .

I recently came across an excellent article that discusses 3D internet (see article)

It quotes Sandy Kearney, director of the virtual worlds program at IBM, who believes that the transition to 3D web is coming. She states,

“Based on the history of the Internet, we think this is a stabilizing period for the 3D Web. A true 3D Web would have to be based on open technologies, with some means of passing between virtual worlds hosted by different organizations. And just as new types of businesses were born on the Web, new businesses will be created around the 3D Web. But right now it’s very early, and the technology is very, very young.”

So how will we do ministry around the 3D web? muse-church_005.JPG

One obvious and clear application is replicating what we have in the real world within the virtual world. So we create an office and conduct meetings, provide training, run church services etc.. all via a representation of ourselves known as an avatar. (image on the right is my avatar praying in a church within Second Life.)

But it also presents a considerable opportunity to re-shape how we do ministry in ten to twenty years time. Now is the time to start discovering the possibilities. As the I.T industry develops the platform we need to be close observers and where possible, early adopters. Sandy Kearney offers this warning, “you may not have as much time as you had with the Web to adjust to its impact. ”

So how do we go about keeping an eye on the development and acting where we can?

Firstly read this blog. I am committed to engaging with this burgeoning field and will continue to keep you up to date. (subscribe to brownblog here)

Secondly, get people around you who are deeply involved in this stuff. If you can, hire internet savvy staff.

Thirdly, be prepared to change. For many of us, it will be like learning a new language.

And finally, take a risk or two! I have no doubt that some ventures we attempt will lead to a dead end. But give it a go. Set up a blog , join Second Life and make an avatar (look me up – my Second Life name is Arkin Ariantho.).


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3 responses

7 03 2007

exactly right, the real estate grab has already started in Second Life – this “interface” of moving around is the natural counterpart of our “First Life”. And if we want to revert to the old web, we just walk up to a wall, and use it as a “flat terminal” – old style web browser.


7 03 2007

I agree with keeping up with technology etc but prefer to live and interact in a real world. In any case I would have great difficulty chosing an ‘avatar’ because of the ‘Hindu’ connotations. Jesus Christ is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu – see wikipedia – as at 6 March 07. Also numerous dictionary references. Avatar is Sanskrit for “he descended” – hmm, biblically who descended to be Lord of this earth? Keep the the blogs Mark, I do enjoy reading them, just not convinced about the need to interact in a 2nd Life!

14 04 2007
A new frontier of ministry « brownblog

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