From Scripture Union to the Bible Society

10 03 2007

A big change is about to happen in my life.

sulogotag.jpgTonight Louise, myself and the kids attended a wonderful farewell party from Scripture Union New Zealand. I was National Director for three years and in that time I came to love the staff and Council and will really miss the regular contact. Scripture Union has an amazing mission: it is committed to sharing Christ’s love to children and young people and to encouraging people to read the Bible. (Check out the NZ website by clicking here and the international site by clicking here).

My prayers are with Wayne Fraser as takes over from me; I have no doubt he will do a fabulous job.

On Monday the 12th of March I begin as CEO of the Bible Society in New Zealand. Their mission is to distribute the Bible without doctrinal note or comment. Which is all about getting the Bible into peoples hands and hearts. I am pumped about this mission!

Back in early Feb I posted an article called: ‘What is the point of reading the Bible?’ in which I argue that the church is facing a crisis as few Christians are regularly engaging with the Bible.

I am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck into this with The Bible Society.

But the biggest initial challenge I face can be summed up by the quote: ‘Managers are chosen from above and leaders from below.’ What will the team at Bible Society think of me?

So I would really appreciate your prayers. In particular:

  • That we are able to make sense of each other and work in such a way that glorifies God; and
  • That I would have a clear vision for the work of The Bible Society in NZ;





8 responses

10 03 2007
Justin Davey

I’ll pray for your success in your new position! I came across your blog the other day just by chance. It’s interesting because I’ve just started to develop my own blog as a newer Christian to work through faith issues of mine and to publicly journey with an amazing God. I feel he’s trying to use me in some way here! What’s neat is one of the topics I’m interested in exploring is the application of new technologies to evangelism, etc. Your blog will teach me alot I’m sure. My blog is just in its beginning stages so there is very little content at this time. Mostly a little bit of my story as an introduction, but I hope to start getting some interesting content on there soon. Anyways, I appreciate what you’re doing and God bless you!

11 03 2007
Mark Brown

G’day Justin,

I checked out your blog and really appreciated your story. I welcome your participation in this blog – so be encouraged to comment bro!


14 03 2007
Shirley Tracy

Cool Blog Mark. I look forward to watching the Bible Society grow under your leadership. You have what it takes thanks be to God and you are in the right place.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.

20 03 2007
Julian Sundersingh

Hi Mark, welcome to the family of Bible Societies. This morning I received news about your appointment from Mr. David Thorne, the Area Secretary of the United Bible Societies. I opened your blog to see the wealth of information it contains about you and your passion. I want you to know Mark that we are indeed privilaged to have a person like you lead the Bible Society in New Zealand. I am sure there will be opportunities for us to meet. I have already bookmarked your blog site and I would certainly like to frequent your page in the days to come.
Julian Sundersingh,
Program Consultant,
United Bible Societies

20 03 2007
Mark Brown

G’day Julian,

Thank you for your lovely comments! It is a privilege to serve God through The Bible Society. I sincerely hope we do catch up soon, be great to hear about your work.

As you make your way through this blog I encourage your thoughts and comments! As you will see there is a growing community of commentators.


20 03 2007
Peter Wigglesworth


These contributions seem a little parochial – so let me spread the greetings by giving you a welcome from the UK. (I’ll make no further comment about “parochial” being appropriate for NZ. After all, I rather like it, and as England have just been beaten by the Kiwis at cricket, and are looking forward to the same from the All Blacks in the rugby, I’m in no position to share deprecating comments).
Just in case you are wondering: Peter Wigglesworth is UBS Area Secretary for Europe Middle East, welcoming you to your new job. The Bible Society fellowship is well worth joining – be challenged, be inspired, and above all, enjoy!

20 03 2007
Mark Brown

G’day Peter,

How lovely to receive your welcome!

Let me share that I have divided loyalties when it comes to cricket: I was raised in the UK (in Rugby) and at the age of 9 we emigrated to Australia, and for the past three years we have lived in NZ! So here is how I divide my loyalty:

England: I thank them for inventing Rugby and Cricket and then been generous enough to allow other nations the chance to play it better than them (smile).

Australia: I support in the cricket as they are tough and they never give up.

New Zealand: I support in the Rugby as they are by far the best team in the world and they deserve to win the World Cup after such a long time. But we will see…

I do hope to catch up with you sometime soon when no doubt I will be challenged and inspired, as we enjoy our time of fellowship together.


27 06 2007
Peter Wigglesworth

As a non-blogger, I only now rembered that I had greeted you….and then had some trouble in locating your site.

But what triggered the memory was an email you sent to Miller, which he has just circulated to his senior staff. The one about your latest web project, that is.

I’ll keep one eye open to see how it develops – we need that sort of creativity, and as “holy stealing” is the principal un-written law of the fellowship, I’ll spread the idea around the Bible Societies in Europe Middle East.

And, just to add some spice: the All Blacks were fortunate on Saturday. Waiting for a team to make mistaken substitutions and get tired is not a strategy to win a World Cup!



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