Be careful of ‘thwumping’

13 03 2007

Douglas Adams wrote in The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy series that flying was the art of missing the ground; in a similar vein, my early attempts at driving primarily involved missing trees, curbs, wheelie bins and shopping centres. That’s when I could get the car started. My first of many attempts at passing my driving exam involved stalling the car four times before even leaving the examination centre car park. Hardly the start one would hope for. I was surprised my examiner didn’t quietly advise, ‘now just take your hands off the wheel Mr. Brown, and can I humbly suggest this is the last time you grip the wheel for quite awhile. The public aren’t ready for your driving just yet.’

And then it all changed.

After years of driving I became blasé, confident to the point that I could effortlessly drive my car into a pole, which is precisely what I did this afternoon. ‘Thwump’ is the noise my new Bible Society car makes when it connects with the Bible Society steel pole in the Bible Society carpark. Thankfully the damage is minimal, but it reminded me of how routine can lead to relaxing to the point where thwumping can occur.

In a similar way, within ministry and life generally we are also succeptable to becoming comfortable and to allowing the environment around us to give us a solid thwumping.

How do we overcome this? By doing things differently from time to time. By having a creative outlook on life, by not accepting how it is, by being open to change.

Check out this image below:



This is just a pair of hands, and yet in the hands of an artist they become something quite spectacular. Creativity is building on what we already have. Creativity is generating something profound from a mundane base.

So when we look at a programme, or a ministry or a significant challenge we face we more often than not are looking at them the same way we always have. This is the mundane view. How then can we be creative?

By being different. Doing something differently. Thinking differently. Stepping away from the routine.

So tomorrow I am going to do something completely different, I am going to see if I can go the whole day without hitting a pole.








7 responses

14 03 2007

Glad to hear that the car wasn’t wrecked. This post reminds me, a new driver and a young Christian, of the dangers of getting to confident in myself.

14 03 2007
Mark Brown

Totally! The best advice I ever heard was to drive like everyone else is a hopeless driver. Well perhaps this is a little extreme, but you get the idea. Just been to your blog bro -time for another post?


15 03 2007

lol, ya, man life has been busy. But I think I have one coming – sometime – hopefully soon.

15 03 2007
What a week I am having!!! « brownblog

[…] What a week I am having!!! March 15, 2007 Filed under: Personal — Mark Brown @ 9:53 pm My first week at the Bible Society has simply been stunning. Wonderful staff, great mission and one big pole (see: Be careful of thwumping ). […]

19 03 2007

Haha, If you ever want to hit a pole for free, I’m just downstairs!

19 03 2007
Mark Brown

Lol – like ya work Caedmon! (note: Caedmon is Polish and works with me.)

21 06 2007

Marc, I remember being a passenger in your car when you were a much younger driver. It was an interesting experience. I was glad I had God on my side!

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