What a week I am having!!!

15 03 2007

My first week at the Bible Society has simply been stunning. Wonderful staff, great mission and one big pole (see: Be careful of thwumping ).

And then to top it off I have a big announcement… As I mentioned in my post Listening to God , for years I have felt a call to be an Anglican Priest and nothing has come of it. Well this afternoon I met with Thomas Brown, the Bishop of Wellington and he shared the stunning news that he will ordain me to the Deaconate on November the 24th!! And then next year I will be ordained to the Priesthood.

It is important to make clear that being a Deacon/Priest will not affect my role with the Bible Society as it will be more of an honorary weekend position.

God is good!! Hallelujah!!





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16 03 2007

Congratulations Mark, God is Good indeed! You certainly have had a memorable week this week, in fact from Jack’s arrival, change of workplace etc 2007 looks to be a ‘special’ year for the Brown household.

16 03 2007
Justin Davey

Congrats Mark,

I don’t know you but I’m still so happy that God is bestowing so many blessings on you and your family! With your talents and interests and the coming fulfillment of the call you’ve felt to the priesthood, I believe you’ll further God’s Kingdom here on earth in interesting and innovative ways. I’ll be praying for you and your family!


16 03 2007
Ian Robinson

Congratulations, Mark,
I promise to love you still, even though a priest.

19 03 2007

Outstanding news!
Well done! I am so happy for you Mark.
Back where you are supposed to be, I think.
Give it everything you have.

19 03 2007
Mark Illingworth

That’s excellent news about the call into “recognised” church leadership!! The church needs all sorts of leaders – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. It’s cool that you’re clearly not the classic priest but far more the apostolic type with giftings and experience across the whole range enabling you to provide quality leadership – no wonder God allowed you to develop in this way before enabling you to take the next step in what he called you to when you were 19!!! 🙂

God first of all tells us the WHAT … then shows us the HOW … and finally leads us into the WHEN – it’s a long process eh!!

Thankyou God that you WILL complete the good work that you’ve begun in each of us AMEN!

19 03 2007

Congratulations man.

19 03 2007
Mark Brown

Mark you are spot on! I love the what, when, how alliteration. The when is the coolest part. I am in the right place for ordination now. God knew.

And here’s to you Mr Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know ho ho ho…. (smile).

And thanks for your congrats Jenny, Justin, g and Trevor: I feel very humbled by your thoughts.

5 04 2007
mervyn Jay

Gobsmacked! Is it good news or ??? Easter readings are reminding me of what priests did to Jesus!

Getting on top of blogs, in addition to other PC uses is not eady for an ‘old guy’! I’m trying to find pics of Jack. In the meantime – congratulations, and God’s richest blessing to you, Mark

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