Wired nails it: Christians are hiding

22 03 2007

godtube.gifA recent online article by the hugely popular and influential technology periodical Wired News strongly criticizes a new Christian website called GodTube. And I agree with their critique, but for a very different reason…

GodTube is the Christian YouTube. John Brownlee, the author of the Wired news article states,

For the record, what is disturbing about many of GodTube’s videos is not that they are done by Christians, or enthusiastically discuss topics like Intelligent Design, the immorality of homosexuality, etc. What is disturbing about GodTube is that it is an observable microcosm of the way that Christians have shut themselves off from any outside perspective. The result is mental and creative poverty.hiding.JPG

My concern with GodTube is that it represents a group of Christians who are disengaging from the world. Retreating to a cozy enclave where everyone is nice and friendly.

Retreat no more! It is time to engage, time to step boldly out of our comfort zone and involve ourselves with the best, the difficult and the worst that society has to offer.

No doubt we will make mistakes but as the saying goes,

‘The only time you don’t make mistakes is when you are asleep.’

So check out YouTube , post some video’s, comment on other people’s videos –  time to get involved I say.





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23 03 2007

You know!, i’m NOT a christan!, let me repete this with rigour!, but, this offends me a LOT less than trailer bark myspace.

23 03 2007

Good post, man. Linkworthy over here.


23 03 2007
Christians and creative ignorance. « areopagitica

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23 03 2007
John McNeil

Does it have to be an “either/or”; why not a “both/and”? I agree that Christians need to be engaging in sites like YouTube, but there are things which may be more applicable to a Christian-focused site, also. Otherwise, by the same reasoning, we would never have church services on a Sunday, only art on the street. The latter is vital, but the former is good, too. I disagree with Wired that this necessarily leads to uncreative product. 90% of everything is crap, in both the Christian and secular creative world. YouTube has some awful stuff, and so does GodTube. But in each place, some gems shine through. But certainly, the gems need to be out there in the marketplace.

23 03 2007

Wow, thanks for bringing this topic up, I had never heard of God tube before. I agree with John, let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater. The first video I watched on Godtube was beautiful Iranian worship music. It was amazing. I think there are probably lots of videos on Godtube that are worthy of merit. There is probably benefit in Christians sharing media ideas – music, etc.
However, most unreached people would not surf Godtube would they? They would surf Youtube. Wouldn’t it be better to put some of Godtube’s videos on Youtube? There is a lot of rubbish on Youtube. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the great vids on Godtube could be scattered through Youtube?
I agree with you mark, there is nothing worse than Christians disengaging from the world and living in a bubble. All I can think of is “Hopeful Christian” and his exclusive cult – the Cooperites.

23 03 2007

I’ll reiterate some of what I commented a few days back. Fellowship and relationship is what we are made for. God made us to be in relationship with Him and He would never place any sort of filter in between. GodTube is a great idea, but we are called to minister to the unknowing and unbelieving. We must “keep it real”, literally and metaphorically, in the secular, flesh and bones world. Now I may take some flak for this, but this criticism is meant for myself as well. I just as guilty as anyone else this applies to. We are a bunch of chickens. We can’t even go into the workplace and defend our faith! Jesus died a gruesome, horrible death to save us when we are not at all worthy of being saved and we can’t even say a good thing about Him in a public place. That is rampant in the Christian world. Christianity is not something we believe and do for an hour on Sunday. It encompasses every facet of our lives, every second, every thought process and that’s the way it should be! Using media and technology to spread the Word is brilliant and is something that needs to be used, but not as a way to appease the guilt of being unable to be a Christian in the real world. I’ll finish by saying that this is not a criticism of GodTube. I haven’t even been to the site though I will check it out later. What Wired Mag said is completely and totally true and I thank Mark for pointing it out! We need to be brave and adventurous people and live like real Christians!


24 03 2007

I checked out GodTube and found good and bad – heck , any project contributed to by humans will be that way. All aspects of life are like that. Some people who go really overboard in claiming to be Christian are the least “Christ-Like” people I know.

Watch “Saved” sometime. The most “Christ like” people there are the Jewish chick and the girl who gets pregnant trying to “save” her gay boyfriend.

People are flawed and fallen – my favorite Christians are the ones who acknowledge this and treat every day like the struggle it is and acknowledge the need for Grace and appreciate it when it’s given – then pass that Grace on by loving others.

25 03 2007

I agree with what John McNeil said, it should be a both/and thing. Christians need a place to recoup, regroup, and encourage each other before going back out on the battle field.

26 03 2007

Checking the site out I was neither impressed or offended. I’m sure by the time of the official launch that there will be a lot of buzz going on. One part that disturbed me in the CEO interview was that he said there would be theologians approving videos for content. Not sure if I would like that.

9 04 2007

I am a Christian and The Lord have given me Complete Freedom, Peace, Joy and LOVE! He is Awsome to both my husband and I. Now, I just got my internet turnd on yesterday – April 7, 2007. I have not had a chance to go to UTube yet – I have a lot to do on the internet, including sending out the word that Jesus Is Real and the Word of God (Bible) Is True! I Pray that this will touch all your hearts that you also come to know the Lord, God in Christ Jesus!
God Bless!

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