Making the front page

30 03 2007

I picked up a newspaper the other day and was confronted with a photo of myself on the front page. This is one sure way of quickening my heartbeat! So why did I make the front page?


Well this blog had a part to play. The article is in the national Christian newspaper, Challenge Weekly The author John McNeil checked out the blog and used the post What is the Point of Reading the Bible? as the substance of the article. Plus we had a good chat on the phone. I want to thank John for a great article, this is an incredibly important issue and one that needs to have as wide an audience as possible.

Following this a secular newspaper, The NZ Herald has picked it up. Be interesting to see where this goes!

To read the front page article see: Challenge

To read the Herald article see: Herald





5 responses

30 03 2007
Ian of England

great stuff Mark – keep me posted with developmnts in SL in regard to getting the word out! Hallelujah Shepherd SL Ian Watt RL

31 03 2007
Mark Brown

G’day Hallelujah, thanks for praying for me in SL the other day bro! As it turns out I haven’t been able to login to SL for a number of days now… This is the major downside of SL – young technology pretending to be mature technology in the face of the massive upsurge of interest.


1 04 2007

Sweet, I hope they got all the facts right. I once was interviewed for a local paper and they got quite a bit wrong.

2 04 2007

Yeah, its horrible when you get misquoted, or words place in your mouth. Well done Mark on getting the front page, I like this quote “the time has come for the Church to address this crisis by engaging with the prevailing contemporary culture, perhaps through the internet.”

2 04 2007
Mark Brown

G’day Trevor – what was the interview about?

G’day Dan – glad to hear you like that quote – you have a big part to play in seeing this happen bro!


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