Jack turns three months old.

28 04 2007

See below a short video of my little Jack laughing with his sister – soo cute! Read the rest of this entry »


Speaking out about Bible disengagement

25 04 2007

I recently had the privilege of speaking at a conference of Christian leaders on a topic I am passionate about: Bible disengagement. My speech was recorded and I thought I would make it available via my blog…to listen to it click here

A new frontier of ministry

14 04 2007

I have discovered a place with a population of more than 5 million people, where the church has only a minor presence. And yet there is much pain and alienation within this land and the church is desperately needed. The place is…

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how true this is…

11 04 2007

Blogging has arrived as a definite method of communicating… in just two and a half months this blog has received some 3,600 views, more than 100 comments and presently has 44 subscribers.

It has become one of the key ways I communicate my thoughts! Which is why the following cartoon is spot on..



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demolishing the wall of silence: a Good Friday reflection

4 04 2007


Here in New Zealand a recent report into Police conduct has been released. It is damning, citing evidence of “disgraceful” conduct by officers exploiting vulnerable people since 1979. The report highlights a “wall of silence” from officers protecting colleagues, systemic flaws in dealing with allegations of sexual abuse by police – including the lack of a basic code of conduct or clear rules for complaint processes – and negative, stereotyped views of complainants.

In response the Police Commissioner offered a full apology: Read the rest of this entry »