Speaking out about Bible disengagement

25 04 2007

I recently had the privilege of speaking at a conference of Christian leaders on a topic I am passionate about: Bible disengagement. My speech was recorded and I thought I would make it available via my blog…to listen to it click here




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26 04 2007
Stephen White

Hi Mark,

Is there any way that we can download this audio file rather than listen to it ‘live’?

Many thanks


27 04 2007
Dan Lee

What a great podcast, real, truthful, what people need to know. It was interesting to hear the vision of the Bible Society in NZ and I can’t wait to get over there and help you guys out. In fact I think it is high time I told my readers where I am going and who I am going to work with. This post/podcast will really help them see what I will be involved in.

27 04 2007
BlogMinistry » Blog Archive » Internship Found: I’m Going to New Zealand Folks!

[…] recommend you can listen to a podcast by Mark Brown on Bible Disengagement where he also talks about the vision that the Bible Society has in using the […]

27 04 2007
Mark Brown

G’day Dan,

I am counting down the days mate! Be fantastic to work along side you when you come to NZ to develop a Web 2.0 strategy in the Bible Society.


8 05 2007

Hi Mark,

I was keen to listen to your talk on Bible disengagement but it appears not to be working, either for playing or download. Any chance it can be fixed?

I work for Steve a Bible Society Qld in Aussie…


8 05 2007
Mark Brown

Sorry about this Leanne – great to hear from you! It is dropping in and out… should work now.


11 05 2007
Andrew Ramsbottom

G’Day mate. Just loving your blog. Tried to download your message on Bible disengagement but said access was denied. ????

Can you help?


11 05 2007
Mark Brown

Sorry for the failure of technology! I hope to fix it in the next few days… watch this space!!


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