Speech on why people aren’t reading the Bible

12 05 2007

I have received a lot of interest in a speech I recently delivered to a Conference of leaders on the crisis facing the church in Bible engagement. I posted it on the 25th of April – but unfortunately the audio file keeps failing so I am reposting it here with a file that works!

Click on the play symbol.




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12 05 2007
Speaking out about Bible disengagement « brownblog

[…] post Speech on why people aren’t reading the Bible on the 12th of May that can be accessed by clicking here […]

22 05 2007

Have you a text version pls?

2 06 2007
Mark Brown

No text version available yet! Are you having issues listening to it?

3 06 2007
Roger Yarhouse

Mark; I finally got around to your blog (two months after our visit). I am sending info about your blog/talk to those presently leading Community Bible Study Intl Classes in NZ and those praying about starting Classes. Your talk reminds them of how important their ministry is and an encouragement to those who are in love wth the God whose Word we teach and apply.
Blessings, Roger

7 06 2007
tim bulkeley

Mark, either a text, or perhaps an audio version of the talk that’s split into sections would be good. With just the audio stream I found I was forgetting the points you had made before the one I was currently listening to, so I’d appreciate listening to it one point at a time, so I have a chance to reflect between…

7 06 2007
tim bulkeley

PS, or of course the PPT slides…

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