Continuing to push the boundaries

1 06 2007

I have taken on the role of leading the Anglican Community in Second Life and over the past few weeks I have seen a number of amazing things happen…

cath-1st-june-07_001.jpgThe first is taking the step to buy an island to provide a space for the Anglican presence . And we are now starting to think about offering worship services in our nearly completed Cathedral. This will hopefully involve a church based in RL (real life) offering a service in SL, as well as the SL Anglican community running services each week. This is completely new territory for the church! How does one do pastoral care in a virtual environment? What is sin in SL? How do we offer the Eucharist?

One of the Anglican group members has a PhD in Theology and is convening a theological panel in SL to consider some of these issues. For more info check out the Anglican Group in SL blog by clicking here.

So over the next couple of months we will hopefully start offering church services and developing a ministry presence in SL. What shape this takes is still to be decided. We are constantly laying the opportunity before the Lord.

So I invite you to come into Second Life and pay us a visit! To make contact instant message me; my characters name is Arkin Ariantho.





4 responses

3 06 2007

eyy ur a christian too, great! same hir
thnx for the comment in my blog

i hope u continue w/ watever is ur doing, its gonna be casting crowns when d Lord comes. & ur an encouragement to us christians out hir

The Lord bless you

5 06 2007

what is casting crowns?

5 06 2007

Have you some updated pictures of your cathedral?
It looks great!

6 06 2007

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