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9 06 2007

H has taken a significant turn for the worse and is now considered gravely ill. She has reacted badly to critical treatment and the staff are now having to drain her lungs of fluid. I ask that you continue to hold her up in prayer over these next few key days.






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16 06 2007
Mark Brown

An update from H’s mother:

The first thing that everyone needs to know is that the wonderful prayers that you have been offering HAVE BEEN AND ARE BEING ANSWERED. Although we have had our down days, the overall progress that Heidi is making is quite remarkable. She has gone from a condition in which she was near death, to a position barely eight days later, where this morning she was moved to a private room with a view (still under the care of CCU with attending nurse who never leaves her). She is again bright, talkative, smiling and planning the future.

After a frighteningly difficult day yesterday when we were told to expect the worst, we went to the hospital with some anxiety, to be told by her treating physician that the doctors now have hopes of a complete recovery – which we had all, almost discounted. THIS IS A MIRACLE (and the doctors agree)! We are exhausted and cautious but deeply thankful.

16 06 2007

That is brilliant news, thanks mark for posting this one.
What a relief!

20 06 2007
Mark Brown

Heidi’s mum writes:

“After much too-ing and fro-ing, we are leaving Joburg on Thursday night
at 10:05pm on the same flight as Heidi. Heidi’s Dr rushed in at lunch time, thumbs up and shouting good news ” you don’t need any more treatment here. We will take out the line in your neck and no more dialysis. You can go

God is good, God is great, God is a God of miracles! The prayers of
many have been answered as there is no possible way that she could have
recovered the way she has through medical scientific means according to
the experts here. There is much to tell you all and cant wait to get

I praise God for this healing, and continue to pray as the adjust back into normal life. I want to thank you for your prayers!!


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