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21 06 2007

Regular readers of my blog will know that I lead the Anglican Community in Second Life. Now this fact is about to become very widely known! The hugely popular and influential has just posted a blog article on the community and my role…


The title is, Anglican Second Life Inhabitants Construct Medieval Cathedral


In it they note,


A group of Anglican Second Life users from around the world have pooled resources to purchase an island in the virtual world, and build as its epicenter a decidedly medieval cathedral. The “Epiphany Island” group is led by Mark Brown, CEO of the Bible Society of New Zealand.

To see the full post click here.

18th-june-07_013.jpgBut this is only the beginning.. there is a growing list of blog posts about the Anglican Community in SL springing up. (Check out the Episcopal Cafe blog).


Also I was interviewed by the Dominion Post yesterday (the daily newspaper in Wellington, NZ) for an article in there technology section. And I have two radio interviews lined up over the coming days, including one on the Open House program which plays on sunday nights and through the Vision radio network reaches some 500,000 across Australia.


So how did this happen? About a week ago I was interviewed by John McNeil for an article for Challenge Weekly (click here to view).   His article was picked up by a number of services and it has snow balled from there.


The central interest I think is around the fact that I built a very traditional Cathedral within a very modern setting. People are asking, ‘why a Cathedral?!’. My answer to this can be found on the Anglican Community in SL’s blog (click here).


In the midst of this increasing interest I remain fixed on my vision:


My vision is to see God glorified in Second Life.

My vision is to see Christians from different countries and theological persuasions come together to serve and worship the Lord.

My vision is to see the Anglican Church engage in relevant, meaningful and contemporary ways with the society around it.

My vision is to offer those involved in Second Life an experience of a God who deeply loves them and seeks a relationship with them.

My vision is to be a community who are known for their love and care, and their preparedness to serve others.

If this is something you would like to support or be involved in, let me know!



For more info on SL and Virtual Spirituality click here




3 responses

29 06 2007

Religion and Second Life

Article recently in the Washington Post looks at the different ways in which people are bringing religion into the Second Life virtual environment. See Finding Religion in Second Life’s Virtual Universe – (Text also available h…

30 06 2007
Timothy Greig / Aramis Maginot

My mum just heard an interview with you on Rhema! I think your cathedral & community sounds great (and it really helped to win her over from lumping my research on Second Life Libraries in with ‘violent video games’). See you in SL some time!

3 07 2007

Interesting take on Second Life:-

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