What I learnt from my 5 month old

25 06 2007

jack.jpgI have one smiley baby. When Jack smiles his whole face gets involved, forehead, cheeks, eyes all work together to light the room up. When he is happy he is more attentive, more interactive, more engaged in the world around him.

And when he is tired, he is grumpy, has a limited attention span and can be demanding.

And this got me thinking… What is happening for him to be happy? Well simply put: he is sleeping heaps, eating well and has interesting things to interact with. When he gets grumpy it is time for him to sleep.

And then I looked at my own life: staying up late, eating poorly and generally havingjack-sleeping.jpg diminished energy and concentration. And so I tried an experiment, I followed my baby boys lead; went to bed early, ate well and, wow! What a difference!

Any fan of sport would have heard a commentator say of a struggling team or player, ‘They need to work on the basics.’ Well the same applies here, we can get so caught up in the complexities of life that we forget the simple things: sleep well, eat well and rest well.

So if you are feeling a little stressed and rough on the edges, perhaps it is time for you to get in touch with your ‘inner baby’!

In Christ,








2 responses

26 06 2007

what a cute baby! hey bro thanks for the wonderful email you gave to me in facebook. About your post. You are so right on that. Babies don’t struggle neh? Unlike Adults… I guess that’s why Jesus wants to have a childlike faith hehe

28 06 2007
Jill Clements

Mark – truly we learn the most from babies and little kids – they live in the moment which we as adults have forgotten how to do. I am trying to get back to some of that… on the farm when to see growth or progress you have to wait and watch, wait and watch, and not be too torn apart if it doesn’t turn out how you planned or expected.

The kangaroos have been eating everything, because it was sooooo dry, up till this week!

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