A story of God’s healing!!

12 07 2007

Regular readers of my blog will know that I asked for prayer for a very good friend of mine, Heidi, who was serving with MSF in Ethiopia when she fell critically ill. On a number of occasions we thought we had lost her, but Praise God she has pulled through the worst of it. She is now home recuperating. This is from her blog:

I am told that I should still be in South Africa Hospital for the next 3 weeks before I will be stable enough to come home to Perth and then possibly another three months in hospital in Perth before coming home to Mum and Dad’s house so you can imagine my relief to find myself in my parent’s home only 3 and a half weeks after being diagnosed with HUS. Especially after also being told that I nearly died several times except for a series of miraculous interventions on behalf of God! I cannot say that I am feeling well, but much better than I was, and I hope for a full recovery in a very short period of time.

Heidi goes on to share:

I have to apologise to all of my non-religious friends for the overwhelming amount of religiousness in all of the previous posts (and this one) but you see, I have special insight now and I know that an awful lot of you were shooting of prayers left, right and center when you knew what a terrible situation I was in. I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you, because God listened, and he answered, and I am here today because of it.

So I thank you for your prayers and Praise God for His intervention!

To check out the full post on Heidi’s blog click here




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