27 07 2007

At the age of 19 I received a very clear call to be an Anglican Priest. So I applied and was accepted, starting soon after my 20th birthday. I completed nearly 2 and a half years before it all began to unravel…

I found myself struggling with the expectations, the lack of support as well as the realization that my calling though to be a Priest, wasn’t to the parish. It all came to a head when the leadership suggested I take a year off for reflection. I never returned to the program as I got involved in Chaplaincy then Art Therapy. And so began many years of wondering why God would call me and then why this calling was unfulfilled?

clerical-collar.jpgNow some 15 years later I have an answer: it wasn’t the right time. So often we expect instant results. But I can say from personal experience that sometimes God calls us and then begins a period of preparation and formation before the calling is expressed.

About 18 months ago I approached the Diocese of Wellington with an unusual proposition : I felt called to be a Priest, but I had no interest in parish ministry. I was excited and surprised to learn that here in New Zealand exists a program called Self Supporting Priesthood. Basically you continue your day job and the Diocese ordains you as Deacon and then Priest. Your ministry is then offered around your full-time role.

In March of this year I received news from Bishop Tom Brown that he would ordain me as a Self Supporting Deacon this year and Self Supporting Priest the following year. I praise God for this wonderful news!

The ordination will be held at St Paul’s Cathedral in Wellington on the 24th of November.

You are welcome to attend!


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29 07 2007
Tracey Gibson

Hi Mark,

Well congratulations on the ordination coming up in November. Unfortunately we won’t be able to get over for this special occasion. Anyway Praying and hoping all goes well and please send some photos.

Talk again soon.

TTFN……Tracey xxx

31 07 2007

Hi Mark,

I am same with Trac and David, as I can’t get there in November , Hope it is a special time, with the family see you soon when you come here in August.


17 09 2007

Those dates in concrete?? … as its going to clash with the Led Zepplin concert … Seriously, you go girl!

Of course there’s an issue of a pagan supporting this, but hey!. Good luk, break a lectern. *or other religous associated leg-ish thing*

15 11 2007

Hi Mark
If I haven’t said it already, Congrats.
I love that I am now working in an environment with people who are so in touch with Gods mission. I look forward to the ceremony.

ps: perhaps you could get Led Zep to play at the after party?

16 11 2007
Rosalie (Hild)


Thanks for the extra service on SL. For some of us, Sunday is a long workday.

You have certainly been doing what Friends are enjoined to do, Live Experimentally! (Or as Frederick Buechner might say, “Out on the road with the Archangel.”)

Blessings on your ordination over there in sheep country.

Rosalie (Hild)
Portland, OR, USA

16 11 2007
Phil Zamagias

Bless you Mark! That sounds like a great programme. Looking forward to talking to you about it. Enjoy the retreat – leave Facebook alone for a while 😉

20 11 2007

A good priest will not take the bible out of context but instead will unpack its meaning and not impose meaning on it. The dog wags the tail not the tail wagging the dog analogy is helpful – the bible is the dog (i don’t intend to be nasty referring to it in that way – hope you understand). This was just my immediate reaction.

25 11 2007
Ordination « The Anglican Church in Second Life

[…] background to the Ordination CLICK HERE […]

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