A special invitation

4 08 2007

Regulars to my blog will know of my interest in the potential in the virtual platform as represented by Second Life. One of the principle myths with Second Life is


that it is a game. A very small percentage use it as a game; some have ambitions to make money; but most use it for social networking. My involvement is something again, I consider this virtual reality platform as the future of the internet. As a church we are called to connect to the community around us; and sometimes this involves changing our offering. What we believe remains solid, how we deliver the message should change to suit the circumstances.


With the explosive growth of social networking and the emerging acceptance of the virtual platform we need to become actively involved. So I want to invite you to come and check it out. This sunday I am preaching in the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life and I invite you to come and experience virtual reality. I will be preaching on : “Why am I doing what I am doing? God’s call on our life.’ Based on Psalm 39: 4-7.


To visit the Cathedral to attend the service click here.


You will need to join Second Life and download the software; and you will require broadband connection and a reasonably new computer.

I am leading two services:


SL time

Wellington, NZ


Perth, Aust

New York

Service Leader

Sun 12 noon

Mon 7am

Sun 8pm

Mon 3am

Sun 3pm


Sat/Sun 12 am

Sun 7pm

Sun 8am

Sun 3pm

Sun 3am




Check out World Clock meeting planner to work out the time in your location. SL time is the same as Los Angeles.


mark-_-arkin-aug-07.jpgI hope to see you at the service!!

Mark Brown/ Arkin Ariantho




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