Grace in your Face

24 10 2007

dan.jpgI welcome guest blogger Dan Lee, brains behind MinistryCamp and one of the guys who inspired me to have a serious look at blogging. So you should blame him really.

Dan shares his heart about God’s Grace…


I want to challenge you. Do you have a grasp on the vastness of grace that God has given you? Actually, he hasn’t just given you, he has poured it out in vast amounts. Generousgrace.jpg love is in the nature of God demonstrated through his salvation plan, but we fail to see that even taking it for granted. It’s like passively receiving a double portion of ice cream.

God’s grace should make you say “Is this your usual way of dealing with man, O Sovereign Lord?” 2 Samuel 7:19 This is King David’s reaction after receiving the knowledge of God’s plans for him and his descendants. The grace of God is mind blowing!

Do we not have more reason than David to be overwhelmed? Jesus hadn’t even died in David’s time but he was still giving it up to God. David had a taste of God’s plan but we have the fuller taste of God’s plan in David’s descendant Jesus.

My mother was near death when she was a teen, the doctors didn’t know what was wrong. Miraculously she was healed overnight and whether the doctors wanted to know or not they were witness to a miracle of God’s loving grace in her life. He reaches out in a personal way, He didn’t just stop at cross in wanting us to know Him.

I always value this story, true it’s not nice that my mother was in hospital but God was at work and the grace shown there is grace poured out even further on to me as I would not be alive if she had died. This was grace shown to me before I was born, even before I had made a decision to accept Christ to be made reborn!

Looking back at the way he has revealed his love for me in the past I look forward to seeing what he will do in the future. It doesn’t stop there, as well as unwittingly being vehicles of God’s grace we can show it with full acknowledgment and awareness of it unfolding in our present, which is an even better place to be at.

This is why I challenge you to receive and grasp hold of the wonders of God’s grace as it will propel you to delight in it and talk of it moving you and others deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Let grace be in your face.




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