What makes a great Priest/Pastor/Minister?

27 11 2007

On the 15th of November I posted a question about what makes a great Priest/Pastor/Minister and what makes a great church. Through this blog and Facebook I received 54 amazing suggestions. In this post I summarise the feedback on the first part: what makes a great Priest/Pastor/Minister. It is very interesting to see that few mentioned anything about leading worship and nearly all of the comments were about Read the rest of this entry »


My Ordination to the Deaconate

24 11 2007

After 16 years of waiting and wondering, I was ordained a Deacon on the 24th of November. Praise God!!

To view a short vid on the ordination service click the play button below.

What makes a great Priest / Pastor /Minister? What makes a great church?

15 11 2007

As I approach ordination I find myself reflecting on what makes a good church leader and what makes a good church?

I would love to read your thoughts on these questions! So please post your thoughts below by clicking on the word ‘comment’.

Changing Culture: changing church?

13 11 2007

Many churches are facing the very real prospect of becoming an irrelevant oddity. We are witnessing significant cultural shifts that demand we reconsider some of how we do church. And much of it is driven by the internet.


The first major shift in society is Read the rest of this entry »

Leadership 101 in less than 5 minutes

8 11 2007

Our church lacks leaders. We have plenty of managers who organise and plan but way too few leaders. Mark discusses the basics of leadership in about 4 minutes! This is the first in a series of vids on leadership.  Check out the vid below. Read the rest of this entry »

Heaven Almighty

6 11 2007

russ-filming.jpgI welcome to my blog a good mate and Christian filmmaker, Russell Brown (no relation!). Russell has recently released a superb doco called Seven Days about a missionary in Zambia. Well worth checking out.

Recently I saw the movie, Evan Almighty and I was quite impressed with it until I heard that it was the most expensive comedy ever made. This grated with me. So I invited Russ to write a piece on the movie. As usual his ideas are thought provoking and challenging.

Russ writes: Read the rest of this entry »

Linking with the future

4 11 2007


Diary for November 4th, 2011.

It is incredible to recall how back in 2007 the only contact you had with people at church was when you physically saw them once a week at the service. I remember a few keen people would attend a Bible Study, but most limited their experience of ‘community’ to a Sunday morning. Where would we be without Linking Technology today? What I love about Linking Technology is the ability to communicate and connect at any point in the day. I simply write or record a video/audio message and almost instantly my church community receive a copy. Community isn’t achieved through hurriedly summarizing the week over a cup of tea after the service, but about being involved each day. Read the rest of this entry »