Leadership 101 in less than 5 minutes

8 11 2007

Our church lacks leaders. We have plenty of managers who organise and plan but way too few leaders. Mark discusses the basics of leadership in about 4 minutes! This is the first in a series of vids on leadership.  Check out the vid below.

May there be more leaders!




7 responses

9 11 2007
Rosalie V. Grafe (Hild)

Another way to lead is to be the unfailing support person in a developing ministry, simply put, to always show up, as chaperone, driver, go-fer, as a “butt in a chair”. There is power in this. There is legacy. One’s name does not have to be on it.

9 11 2007
Mark Brown

The ministry of serving and presence is incredibly important. What I like about your comment is that you are talking about the one on one; whereas I am more thinking in the ‘one to many’ approach. The leader needs to be personal. The great leaders are able to make it feel personal. Even though you may be one of thousands, you feel like the leader is talking, relating directly to you.

9 11 2007

In my mind Leadership is serving. Ministry is serving (ministering). The new strap line to my blog will be “blogging Jesus loving service”. I think leadership is just one of many ways of serving but one which is so key. The best example that is given that comes to my mind is a Shepherd, he knows every sheep by name but leads a flock at the same time. I was actaully just reading a blog entry by Terry virgo on the Shepherdanalogy. http://www.janga.biz/terryvirgoblog/?p=68

9 11 2007
Mark Brown

Thanks for the link Dan. Also you make a really excellent point. Great leadership has little to do with the leader and everything to do with the people they are leading. Servant leadership teaches us that if you get into leadership for the power and prestige all you will do is create an organisation that exists to give you power and prestige.

12 11 2007

A Leader is ‘first across and last over’. In other words, s/he must be able to ‘see’ (envision) ahead of the people s/he is leading and be able to ‘paint’ a picture of the ‘new’ that enables them to ‘own’ the vision (journey). S/he has to then be ‘last over’. In other words, s/he must then work at enabling every one to ‘get across’ – to enter the new place/reality/way of working etc. A leader:- First across and last over!

12 11 2007
Mark Brown

Thanks for this Miller! An excellent turn of phrase to highlight an important approach. I particularly like the ‘last over’ part. It is so easy when one has a vision to sprint ahead and leave people behind.

14 11 2007
Craige Gravestein

Mark, excellent synopsis. I note the comments re servant leadership and my comment is to tie that notion in with your final comment. That leaders leave their org/ministry with another leader/s. That they do not grow a dependance on them – for that is insecure leadership. My thought is also that leaders must lead. Leading requires someone to point to something/where (I guess we would call it a vision) and to say to a group behind us, come follow me, I can get us there. I think we have witnessed too much democratisation of leadership that has emasculated strong and visionary leaders. Keep going, and keep in mind, leaders don’t need unanimous agreement to lead, strong and effective leadership can/does challenge/confront some people.

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