My Ordination to the Deaconate

24 11 2007

After 16 years of waiting and wondering, I was ordained a Deacon on the 24th of November. Praise God!!

To view a short vid on the ordination service click the play button below.




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25 11 2007

Good to see you in a skirt again, honey. Though I think pink really is your colour…

Anyway congrats on ya promotion.

** Vote Mark for pope 2008. **

25 11 2007
Mary Roberts

Wow Mark!!! This is brilliant. Congratulations on becoming a deacon. I like the dog collar 🙂 And how cool that Jenny Hall presented you. It was also great to see your Dad and Kevin there too. I felt quite emotional watching the clip. This has been such a long road for you. Well done!!!!!!!!

25 11 2007
Una Cuddihy

Congratulations Mark.
You must have been relieved not to see any ponies in the congregation.
Thanks for all that you contribute to Second Life.
God Bless you, your ministry and your family.

25 11 2007

Congratulations! Just catching up on your day from the other side of the world….just great.

25 11 2007
Rosalie (Hild)


Go forth with power.

25 11 2007

A cathedral without a thunderstorm to set the tone??? Shame… Can’t have everything eh?

Seriously though – I am sitting here with a big smile on my face and welling up with tears. I certainly understand about waiting and hoping – Im at 11-year mark myself. Congratulations and best wishes going forward. What you are doing is great and very much needed in SL and outside of it. It is an honour to be of service in your Ministry.

25 11 2007

Congratulations, Mark, on your Ordination. May you continue to know God’s leading, prompting and provision in your life of Christian leadership.


25 11 2007
Karen Kay

You have been so humble to share your journey with Christ with so many of us all over the world. I have no doubt that God has enormous plans for you my friend.
Bless you for your perserverence and willingness to serve our Lord in this most beautiful ministry.
Congratulations, and may your life of service indeed be “gentle as a dove”.
Christ’s Peace always,

25 11 2007

I remember when you said that you thought this is what God wanted you to do.
It seems like a long time ago now! Well done on fulfilling His goal for you.
Now what are you going to do with this awesome responsibility?
Proud of you mate,


25 11 2007
Kris Kuttelwascher

Congratulations Mark, but you must have thought you were already Archbishop of Canterbury having to cope with all the disparate Anglicans of Second Life.
God Bless you and your family.


25 11 2007
Ordination « The Anglican Church in Second Life

[…] November 24, 2007 Ordination Posted by Mark Brown under From Arkin   On the 24th of November the leader of the Anglican Community in Second Life, Mark Brown, was Ordained to the Deaconate. To see a short video of this momentous event CLICK HERE […]

25 11 2007
Anne Bernardelli

Wonderful, Mark! Thank you for sharing these impressions of the ordination. Congratulations!

A. B.

25 11 2007
Mark Illingworth

Congratulations Mark – a great step in your journey

“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to the whole creation … and they went out and proclaimed the Good News everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the message by the signs that accompanied it” (Mark 16:15,20)

Thank God the Lord works with us!!! Blessings on you brother 🙂

25 11 2007
David Harrison

It was a priviledge to witness your ordination Mark and to celebrate the occasion with you. My Bible reading this morning included those great words from Romans 1 ” I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.”

David Harrison

ps. you had a great family supporting you!

26 11 2007
Craige Gravestein (Snerbert Sands)

Hi Mark, that is teriffic, thankyou for sharing it with us. I look forward to supporting you in this role and in seeing God use you to glorify his name. Looking forward to the first second life ordination. Do we need a SL bishop for that?

27 11 2007

Congratulations Reverend Brown! Cool video. Can’t wait to see your intended ministry goals realised.

4 12 2007
Allan Davidson

Hi Mark

I was sorry to miss your ordination but delighted to be able to see the video. An inspiring occasion. Great too to have your family around.

Be blessed

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