6 Steps To An Amazing Christian Walk

2 12 2007

I preached this message in the Virtual Anglican Cathedral of Second Life on the 2nd of December 07.

What are the key parts of an amazing Christian walk?

Press the play button to hear the message.

Revd Mark

(13 minutes in length)




5 responses

3 12 2007
Rosalie (Hild)


Thanks so much for posting your sermon.

I’m at church at the appropriate SL times here in Oregon.

My mind’s ear was pleasantly startled to hear a Kiwi rather than a Yank speaking. How could I forget? So good to hear you!

Hope you post again next week.

Rosalie V. Grafe (Hild)
Portland, OR USA

3 12 2007
Worship on the 2nd of December « The Anglican Church in Second Life

[…] The message preached by Revd Mark Brown at one of the services was, ‘6 Steps to an Amazing Christian Walk.’ To hear this message CLICK HERE […]

4 12 2007

God bless you Rev. Mark ^^

4 12 2007

Here is my reaction to the surprising article about Anglicans in Second Life at Anglicans Online: http://www.liturgy.co.nz/worship/matters_files/secondlife.html

Blessings in Christ


4 12 2007
Media interest; interesting media « brownblog

[…] Sunday service CLICK HERE) People can listen to the sermon wherever they are (To hear the sermon CLICK HERE). One Bible Study is offered each week and two others are being considered at the […]

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