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microphone1.jpgThis blog is a collection of thoughts that aren’t so much a lecture but a conversation.  So I encourage you to engage.  Disagree, add your own thoughts, put your own stuff down.  I look forward to the dialogue. 

My aim is to encourage you to think differently about things that matter to your Christian Ministry.   Mark    

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6 06 2007

Heidi’s sick.
She was doing ‘God’s work’ in Africa, now she’s really ill.
Please pray for her.

Why did God let this happen??
Why do we have to pray to get God to protect one of his children??

11 06 2007
marks advocate

g what an inspiration perhaps man oppurtunity for care rather than eh

11 06 2007

What is there to be inspired about?
What is happening is terrible and I can’t see anything good in it.

12 06 2007
Mark Brown

I think what ‘m.a’ is saying is that in this critical time for H; the expertise of the intensive care staff comes to the fore. If it was not for their skill and diligence H would not be with us. Perhaps for someone involved in that field this could be viewed as inspirational.

12 06 2007

OK, the science is inspirational, what humankind can achieve is inspirational.
The jet that flew H out is an outstanding piece if engineering..etc etc
Maybe I’m not making my point clear enough…

What I am getting at is this whole web site is about a personal relationship with God, isn’t it? Well…..Where is/was He??? At the risk of causing anyone to question their faith, why did this happen? …and praying for her now is going to do what? God should have already been involved, shouldn’t He, why would He intervene now?

12 06 2007
Mark Brown

G’day g,
Thanks for this. The point of this blog is to encourage Christians to think differently about how they do their ministry. But you raise a very good question. You ask where God was. The difficulty in answering this is any utterance is either pure guess work or a simplistic platitude. I am sure of the power of prayer, so I pray.

13 06 2007

Well, I do think differently to you about how I minister, so I’m in the right place 😉
How can you be sure about the power of prayer? We all pray about lots of things.
We are thankful to God when things go right and pray harder when things go wrong. But there really isn’t any feed back loop to confirm or deny His involvement in any of it.

I suppose it just comes back to faith, which for me is frustrating.
This ‘blogging’ can be quite cathartic.

16 12 2007

Hi Mark,

Great website, I’m currently in my second year of training for ministry. May God continue to bless and guide you in what he’s called you today.

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