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Mark Brown is Chief Executive Officer of The Bible Society in New Zealand. Prior to this position he was National Director of Scripture Union in New Zealand. He is passionate about leadership, encouraging Christians to engage with the Bible, Christian engagement with the internet and Rugby Union. He is married to an amazing wife and has three beautiful children.

Mark is presently completing a Doctor of Business Administration.

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mobile +64 27 2760 708

Skype: mbrownsky

Second Life avatar: Arkin Ariantho


8 responses

11 02 2007
Lisa Harries

Hey, that is cool that I am amongst the top two hundred people who have ‘hit’ your blog!

Congratulations on its creation, but I must say the birth of Baby Jack is one of your best works yet! (Or at least up there with Anna and Matty!) Lots of love and big kisses to Louise-she is VERY clever.

Well, we had Billabong church on picnic rugs and chairs out on the lawn under the shade of the beautiful trees today! You don’t get much better than that. The sheep mostly behaved and the canoe was dragged out on the half-full Billabong- not quite as deep but wayyyy more muddy, hence more fun for the boys!

Deborah and I attended a ‘Kids R Us’ children’s ministry conference last week, and we are pumped about our wonderful kids and what amazing things God will be doing with them this year!!

Anyway, have a BRILLIANT week, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Love from

11 02 2007
Rebecca Law-Davis

Hi there Mark, Lou, Anna, Matt, and little Jack
I have just got your email about your new blog,
It looks wonderful, and great that you have a blog so we can look at it.
Look forward to seening when you come back to Perth Western Australia for a visit.
It was wonderful that Jack arrived well and a happy.
All the best

17 02 2007

I like the blog – mine is a bit texty at present !!
But, I guess like you, the challenge is getting the word out there – v encouraging to meet on second life
let’s pray God just really opens doors there – there are alot of possibilities, poeple from europe, US, UK, Russia etc bless you mark and your dear family
God’s precious precious shalom on your life and family and ministry…

19 03 2007

Wow, I had never caught that you were from New Zealand before. That’s cool.

7 08 2007
Tim Hall

Hi Mark

Just been listening to your interview on National Radio and your plans to integrate an actual service with your virtual Cathedral. Just thought that I would nominate St Michael and All Angels in Christchurch – churchandschool.org . Very Anglo-Catholic and used to be pro-Cathedral for Christchurch in the early days of European settlement.


Tim Hall

24 08 2007
Bob G+

Hey Mark –

Not sure how to contact you at this point, so here it is. I am an American Episcopal priest. I’m interested in developing a “monastic” community/space (more like the “New Monasticism”) in SL.



15 12 2007
Gavin Cangemi

Gday Mark,

Great to hear what youre up to on your blog.
My best mate lives in NZ in Hamilton these days, so
one of these days, when Im in NZ, I will look you up.


3 01 2015

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