Anglican Group in Second Life

18th-june-07_007.jpgThe Anglican Group in Second Life is a new, fresh expression of doing church and of being Anglican. It respects the past and connects with the present.

Presently it involves 5 services being offered each week, catering for the major time zones. A Bible study is also offered.

The Group numbers more than 300 and is led by a leadership team of 8 chaired by Rocky Vallejo. I am Licenced as Deacons Assistant to the group by the Bishop of Wellington in New Zealand.

For more information on the Anglican Group in SL click here for the blog.

To visit the Cathedral in Second Life you need to sign up; which can be done by clicking here

To see where my involvement began, click here for my article on Christian Ministry in a Web 2.0 Environment.

Services for the week starting the 6th of January 2008


cath_005.jpgEach service is held at the Anglican Cathedral of Second Life. The service is offered in text and voice format and where a message is preached, it will be in audio format.

After the service we have a time of fellowship where you can meet people from around the world. And the service leader is on hand if your require prayer or need to chat something through.

If you are new to Second Life you are most welcome!!

The service times in SL time (which is the same as Los Angeles) :

Saturday 11pm Led by Revd Mark Brown

Sunday 5am Led by Erszhebert Maertens

Sunday 12 noon Led by Revd Mark Brown

Sunday 6pm Led by Revd Hildeguard Psaltery

Thursday 12 noon Led by Erszhebert Maertens

Check out World Clock meeting planner to work out the time in your location. SL time is the same as Los Angeles.


To visit the Cathedral to attend the service click here



Please email Mark Brown on for more info.


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4 responses

1 10 2007
AnneBl/SL Vita Markova

Hello Mark,

just thought I’d post one SL snapshot… The title could be:

“Will we be seeing signs again in virtual riality?”

🙂 AnneBl

1 10 2007
AnneBl/SL Vita Markova

…okay, that’s the picture below (hopefully) 😉


1 10 2007
Mark Brown

Unfortunately the photo didn’t work! Email it to me at and I will post it if you like.

Also you on Facebook? There is now a Facebook Group: Anglicans in SL.



5 12 2007
Marc Ducommun

I think the presence of the Anglican Church on SL is a good thing. People in SL speak mostly of sex and money. It’s not vain to remind them of other realities. Of course, there is not “real” parish work going on in SL. But what Jesus did in his times was not “real” Temple work either.

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