Speech on why people aren’t reading the Bible

12 05 2007

I have received a lot of interest in a speech I recently delivered to a Conference of leaders on the crisis facing the church in Bible engagement. I posted it on the 25th of April – but unfortunately the audio file keeps failing so I am reposting it here with a file that works!

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Speaking out about Bible disengagement

25 04 2007

I recently had the privilege of speaking at a conference of Christian leaders on a topic I am passionate about: Bible disengagement. My speech was recorded and I thought I would make it available via my blog…to listen to it click here

Making the front page

30 03 2007

I picked up a newspaper the other day and was confronted with a photo of myself on the front page. This is one sure way of quickening my heartbeat! So why did I make the front page? Read the rest of this entry »

What I learnt from Sophia Loren

18 03 2007

sophia.jpgSophia Loren once famously stated that beauty is 50% fact and 50% what you think beauty is. In a similar way, leadership is Read the rest of this entry »

The Middle Class disease

2 03 2007

I am middle class. I have a nice house, a nice car, an iPod and a nice set of golf clubs. I am also suffering from Comfortitis: the number one disease amongst the middle class.

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I stopped kidding myself

18 02 2007


I spent years believing that the Bible was an important book as a Christian and yet doing nothing about it. I ignored it totally.

And then one day I decided to stop pretending and start reading it as often as I could. As I opened myself up to the words something quite incredible happened.

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What is the point of reading the Bible?

1 02 2007

cover-page-for-report7.JPGRegardless of one’s theological flavor, most Christians would be comfortable stating they consider the Bible to be an important text. And yet recent research from the Bible Society suggests that the number of people regularly engaging with the Scriptures is low. The research notes that only 21% of the 2048 church attending participants read their Bible daily. 22% stated they read it at least weekly with the remaining 57% saying they either read the Bible[1] occasionally (35%) or hardly ever (22%). A similar study recently conducted in the US revealed that only 12% of respondents reported reading the Bible once a day or more often, with 66% saying they read the Bible less often than once a month or never.[2] My discussions with others in Bible ministry in Europe and Australia have also revealed the same alarming trend. So why aren’t people reading their Bible? Read the rest of this entry »