What makes a great Priest/Pastor/Minister?

27 11 2007

On the 15th of November I posted a question about what makes a great Priest/Pastor/Minister and what makes a great church. Through this blog and Facebook I received 54 amazing suggestions. In this post I summarise the feedback on the first part: what makes a great Priest/Pastor/Minister. It is very interesting to see that few mentioned anything about leading worship and nearly all of the comments were about Read the rest of this entry »


What makes a great Priest / Pastor /Minister? What makes a great church?

15 11 2007

As I approach ordination I find myself reflecting on what makes a good church leader and what makes a good church?

I would love to read your thoughts on these questions! So please post your thoughts below by clicking on the word ‘comment’.

Leadership 101 in less than 5 minutes

8 11 2007

Our church lacks leaders. We have plenty of managers who organise and plan but way too few leaders. Mark discusses the basics of leadership in about 4 minutes! This is the first in a series of vids on leadership.  Check out the vid below. Read the rest of this entry »

Thinking long term

20 09 2007

The temptation in ministry is always to focus on the immediate at the expense of the strategic or the long term. The immediate challenges of today and later in the week need to be attended too! We cannot spend our days with our head in the clouds, dreaming of a wonderful future whilst the tasks of today stack up. And yet what mostly happens is that the dreaming, the long term thinking disappears. Which is deeply problematic. Without that intentional long term thinking we can lose sight of why we are doing what we are doing. So we need to do both, we need to attend to the here and now and we need to from time to time lift our view to the horizon. How do we do this practically? Read the rest of this entry »

What I learnt from my 5 month old

25 06 2007

jack.jpgI have one smiley baby. When Jack smiles his whole face gets involved, forehead, cheeks, eyes all work together to light the room up. When he is happy he is Read the rest of this entry »

The poet who loves plumbing

28 03 2007

On occasion brownblog will welcome guest bloggers. These are people who I think have something fantastic to say. The first guest blogger is Peter Barney who is Director of Scripture Union in Western Australia. Peter gives his take on leadership…

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Wired nails it: Christians are hiding

22 03 2007

godtube.gifA recent online article by the hugely popular and influential technology periodical Wired News strongly criticizes a new Christian website called GodTube. And I agree with their critique, but for a very different reason… Read the rest of this entry »